ArduMIDI & ttyMIDI
easily create musical interfaces

ArduMIDI and ttyMIDI are two pieces of software that allow new musical interfaces to be created with minimal programming experience. ttyMIDI is a Linux daemon that translates MIDI-like commands from any serial port to ALSA-compatible MIDI messages. Meanwhile, ArduMIDI is an Arduino library that makes communicating to ttyMIDI a snap. By combining the two you can easily map the Arduino input pins to MIDI messages to be handled by any ALSA-compatible Linux program, such as Ardour (the music editing workstation), or even GIMP (the image manipulation program).

Coin Sequencer
a tangible sequencing interface

The Coin Sequencer is an experiment in tangible user interfaces for the purpose of live audio sequencing. An array of IR LEDs (each one paired with an IR photodetector) shines down on a moving non-reflective surface (a turntable) where reflective objects are sparingly placed (coins). When a coin passes under an LED-photodetector pair, a computer is notified to trigger a predetermined sample. The coin sequencer was featured in the 2005 O’Reilly Media book entitled “Makers”.