I am an Electrical Engineer turned Software Engineer, with experience in full stack web development, signal processing, data analysis, Android development, and embedded systems.


Nov. 2018 – present

Project summary

It's still early days, so for now I'll just repeat what is on our About Us page: Streamlit makes machine learning engineers more productive. We believe that machine learning engineers deserve blazingly fast, fun, and interactive tools. Together, we are building the world's most beautiful tool for machine learning engineers.


Co-founder, engineering lead, and doer of whatever needs to get done.

Google Cloud
July 2015 – Sept. 2018
Tech Lead & Manager
Hangouts Chat

Project summary

Hangouts Chat is the next incarnation of Google Hangouts. Whereas the classic Hangouts was great for 1:1 conversations, Hangouts Chat was rethought and rebuilt from the ground up around team collaboration and productivity.


Founding member of the project, and tech lead / manager for the web team. Built the first prototypes, then led web the team that designed, built, and launched an entirely new Google product

Google X / Google Research
April 2013 – June 2015
Tech Lead
Undisclosed project

Project summary

This project was never announced to the world, so I can't say much about it here. But at a high level I can say it involved AI and crowd-sourcing.


Tech lead for the project. Worked with the team on system architecture, web frontend engineering, backend engineering, and product definition.

Google Inc.
November 2011 – April 2013
Software Engineer
Infrastructure Quantitative (IQ) group

Project summary

Modeling and optimization of datacenter capacity placement around the world, with the goal of minimizing quantities such as latency, cost, and power consumption, and maximizing revenue.


Individual contributor on several related projects, and lead engineer in a couple of others. In particular, I focused on tools that allowed other engineers to quickly use our models, visualize the many inputs, and interact with our results.

INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt
Oct. 2010 – Oct. 2011
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Project summary

The EU-funded CHOReOS project aimed at building a system for service choreographies in the Internet of Things (IoT).


Driving the design of a data-fusion middleware for the IoT, to allow non-experts to query a network of IoT devices to automatically produce physical inferences and actuations; Collaborating with other universities and research institutes involved in CHOReOS; Co-supervising PhD and Masters students.

Yale University
Sept. 2005 – Sept. 2010
Graduate Research Assistant

Project summary

In the BehaviorScope project, we were interested in recognizing activities and behaviors of people in assisted-living homes with the goal of detecting when they needed help from a nurse.


Responsible for driving the person-tracking and indentification parts of the project, developing an end-to-end human-sensing solution; Building and maintaining remote deployments of sensor nodes in real homes for multiple months without physical access; Developing drivers, embedded software, and a web-based console to operate and remotely manage our sensor network.


Institution Degree Field Date
Yale University Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Dec. 2010
Yale University M.S., M.Phil. Electrical Engineering May 2007
Johns Hopkins University M.S.E. Electrical Engineering May 2005
Johns Hopkins University B.A. Mathematics May 2003
Johns Hopkins University B.S. Electrical Engineering May 2003

Selected Publications

Published over 20 peer-reviewed articles. An abridged list follows. The full list is available at thiagot.com/publications.html.




Technical Skills

Graded on a most unscientific scale.

Computer Languages

  • Fluent: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, SQL, C
  • Working knowledge: C++, C#, Matlab, R, VHDL

Natural Languages

  • Fluent: Portuguese (native), English
  • Working knowledge: Spanish, French